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Community BusinessesYou started a business because you had a dream. Of success, of influence, of comfort, sure. But how do you define success? By the amount of money you make? By the jobs you provide for the community? By the peace you create in successfully fulfilling a customers need? By the broad influence you can have on your customer base and the community around you?

No Such Thing as a Bully has a great idea for you! It’s win-win for you, for the MOMENT OF KINDNESS FOUNDATION, for your customers and the community around you.

$700 will put your logo or business name on 500 Moment of Kindness Action Cards and on the website for 3 month period. The cards are guaranteed to be distributed in community schools within a two month period, or you may choose to keep them and distribute them yourself. Each card is intended to touch several people. – And there is something magical about them. This is more than just an ordinary card.


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Action Cards 1

As you can see here, our action cards are numbered. (Click on the image to see it full-size.) When you perform an act of kindness you can record that act, with your name and the card number, here. Before long that card will travel. And you can come back to the database on the website to see where it’s gone. And the acts of kindness will roll on.

In terms of marketing, your future customers will be touched by your logo on the card, and will receive another touch from your logo when they register a card, or go back to the website to see where a card is gone.  One box of cards is likely to reach 2500 people’s hands, with two more views of your business information on the moment of kindness website. Are you looking at expanding your marketing to a different area? We can get the cards into schools in the area of your choice. We can do this in communities near and far.

How does this help with bullying, you ask?

Kindness is the opposite of bullying, and we each get more of what we focus on. If we can increase the focus on kindness in schools, we’re going to increase kindness. And what business doesn’t want to be a part of that?

*P.S. Purchases from Moment of Kindnes can be written off either as a donation to a non-profit, or as a marketing expense. depending on the preference of the agency.

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