Kindness Persistence

The Birth of Moment of Kindness

A three year labor of love, this project has been brewing on the back burner for quite some time. But we see so many instances where our society, our culture, need to be kind.

Noticeably kinder. We intend to help people remember that they are kind, and that others are kind to them. We intend to strengthen our world’s consciousness to include kindness. We intend to elevate the consciousness of kindness and move kindness past simply buying someone coffee. (Buying someone coffee is GREAT! We just want MORE!)

We hope you’ll follow the development and growth of Moment of Kindness, and contribute to its growth. Order the cards when we start printing them…follow our sponsors, check out the data base, spread the word, and contribute to our Kickstarter fund or give a financial gift of kindness through Paypal.

Give a gift of kindness here!


We need your help. Help us change the consciousness of the world.

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