Fashion Show and Auction!!

*The fashion show was held on February 13, 2015. Moment of Kindness thanks EVERYONE that was involved! The setting was beautiful, the models gorgeous and the people generous. We can’t wait to do it again next year! Pictures to follow soon!

Thank you straight off for taking the time to get to know Moment of Kindness Foundation.

We have recently become a non-profit foundation in Red Deer, and we are asking for your help to create a culture of kindness.

The Moment of Kindness foundation is creating a Data Base/Action Card system. Think, technology meets random acts of kindness! Once the data base is built, we will distribute numbered action cards.

Imagine someone hands you a card. It looks like a business card, but it has the number #31 on it, and the website,

You go to the website and see that you can register the card to your email address. You register something kind that you do, as well, and pass the card on to someone else. When they do the same, you’ll receive an email each time the card is registered to someone else’s email address. You’ll be able to see where the card travels, and what it achieves! You’ll also be able to check the data base, to see where the card has been before it was in your hands. Cards will be distributed in schools through the No Such Thing as a Bully System.

We’re having a fashion show and auction, February 13, 2015 in Red Deer, to raise money for the creation of this data base! We’re asking for your businesses’ kindness in three possible ways:

1. Become a cash sponsor to contribute to fashion show expenses. All extra donations will go towards the creation of the data base.

2. Donate an item for the auction portion of the evening.

3. Become a major sponsor and for ten thousand dollars, join hands with us in the creation of the data base (Only one sponsorship available, promotion details discussed upon sponsor request.)

The Moment of Kindness foundation also joins with existing organizations in the community that are providing services that are based in kindness. Please see our newsletter here, which talks about “Line of Hope – Red Deer Style”.
Funds raised are returned back into your community in a way that multiplies your generosity. For more information or inquiries, please call Kelly at 403-447-4404 or email

Kelly Karius and Heather Dahl

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