#pick2kids List



  1. Set up a meeting with someone who appears to be from another culture. Over a cup of coffee or milk, facilitate a discussion between child and stranger that broaches the following topics:
    Where did you grow up?
    What is important to your family?
    Who are the people in the world that you love?
    Who inspires you?
    What are you passionate about?
  2. Take flowers to a group that does one of the following:
    – provides clothing for women for job interviews
    – supports the LGBTQ community in some way
    – assists people new to Canada as they settle in and become productive
    – shelters the homeless
    – advocates for Veterans
  3. Take coffee to a group that saves the lives of others such as:
    – First Responders
    – Paramedics
    – Coast Guard
    – Police
    – Fire and Rescue
  4.  Buy Donuts for those that serve others, such as:
    – Power and Gas workers
    – City employees
    – Government Workers
  5.  Find age appropriate information about mental illness and review it together.  For information, look to your local mental health centers.
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